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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device is a FDA approved wearable device that provides real time glucose readings.

Continuous glucose monitoring allows you to track whether your glucose is high or low, stable, rising or falling.

What is the test

Continuous glucose monitoring device includes a sensor inserted under the skin that measures glucose levels automatically every few minutes throughout the day, even while the patient is asleep.

It provides glucose readings throughout the day.

How is the test done?


A small, disposable sensor is inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels in the body fluid


The transmitter is a small device that attaches to the sensor and sends the information wirelessly to a monitor


The monitor, a device the size of a cell phone, shows information about glucose levels on a screen

What does the

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device does not measure blood sugar concentrations. It measures the interstitial glucose levels, the glucose level in the fluid between tissue cells.

CGM data for a period of 10–14 days provide a good estimate of CGM metrics for a 3-month period.

CGM profiles also provide additional details on the patterns of glucose variations, as well as potentially dangerous high or low glucose concentrations.

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Who should take
the test?

Continuous glucose monitoring is advised in
type 2 diabetes patients:

On insulin

With evidence of hypoglycemic episodes

On oral medication that may increase their risk of hypoglycemia while driving or operating machinery

Who is pregnant, or is planning to become pregnant.

What will my
tell me?

CGM data shows the changes in glucose levels around the clock, which aids in making decisions about insulin, food, and exercise regimen.

CGM report helps in determining changes in glucose levels (hyper and hypoglycemia) enabling dose adjustments of oral medications to keep glucose levels in a safe range.

Offer easy sharing with healthcare teams and/or family members.

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